Boozang Generation 5 launched


Boozang Generation 5 launched

We have just launched our 5th generation of the Boozang tool. The tool was completely re-designed in the style of a Desktop IDE, inspired by Visual Studio code. We believe this is a huge step forward in usability.

Our aim was to draw a good balance between being easy-to-use while giving our power-users access to all important functions within the click of a button.

Some of the visual highlights

  • Top-level tabs to be able to work on many tests at once
  • Inner tabs to quickly switch between more advanced functions
  • Card, list and map view, all sortable by different fields
  • Postman-like interface for API tests
  • Graphical test dependency maps (as seen in the image below)

Map view


We have also decided to introduce Auto-save, and improved the Undo function. Some of our users found that it was sometimes easy to forget to save a test-case, and it was annoying to have to go back and save it. Now, tests are saved automatically, so this should no longer be an issue.

We have also addressed the problem of navigating between data tabs, especially between $project, $module, and $test scope. The data can now be accessed directly as an inner tab in the action list, so no more complex navigation.

Speaking of navigation, the top navigation bar has also been improved. You can now navigate both up and down the tree (Jenkins style).

Here are some other features we have also added

  • Screenshot feature
  • Debug data view
  • Generate API test from UI test
  • Automated audits
  • Integration to XRay
  • Integration to GitHub, BitBucket, Azure DevOps, and GitLab
  • API performance testing

You can find more information about our newest features in our user forum.

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