New feature: Code Editor

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New feature: Code Editor

We are super excited to introduce an enhanced code editor. This means it will be easier to find mistakes in Javascript, and easier to troubleshoot problems.

Syntax highlighting

We have introduced syntax highlighting. The following colors are used

  • Purple: Javascript reserved words
  • Blue: Scope handles ($project, $module, …)
  • Orange: Strings
  • Red: Regular expressions
  • Gray: Comments


We also support automated indentation.

Redo / Undo

We have also introduced Undo / Redo into the editor.

  • Redo: Ctrl + y 
  • Undo: Ctrl + z 

Note: A series of changes in the editor is saved as a single action. That means that when using the action Undo / Redo, the editor history is cleared.

Key shortcuts

We also introduced the most common shortcuts. Here is a list of supported shortcuts

  • Select all: Ctrl-A
  • Go to end of line: End-key
  • Go to end of document: Ctrl-End-key
  • Go to beginning of line: Home-key
  • Go to beginning of doc: Ctrl-Home
  • Increase comment out section: Crtl-/
  • Decrease comment out section: Shift-Crtl-/
  • Delete right word: Ctrl+delete
  • Delete left word: Ctrl+backspace 
  • Move cursor by word: Ctrl+left 
  • Move cursor by word: Ctrl+right
  • Add indentation in multiple-lines: Select lines + Tab
  • Remove indentation in multiple-lines: Select lines + Shift-tab 

Note: On Mac some of these commands need to use the Meta key instead of Ctrl-key.

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