AI Repair

AI Repair

Even though natural-language tests and automated waits make test runs stable, there might still be breaking code changes that produces a false negative. One example is when a button label has been changed, or something has moved significantly in the DOM tree. In these case, it’s important to be able to quickly repair any broken tests.


Boozang solves this problem by introducing a Repair mode. The repair plays the test just like normal playback, but instead of throwing an error when an element isn’t found, it shows a dialog that allows you to re-select the element. This allows a user to quickly update all automated tests after a big application update or even a complete change of user interface framework. For instance, when a customer migrates an application from legacy Java to a single-page application in React or Angular, it is possible to use this function to repair all breaking changes that one introduced. This means almost complete re-use of all tests, granted that business requirements stays the same between the two paradigms.



Learn more about AI repair from our documentation:

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