Automated data generation

Automated data generation


In order to further speed up the creation of tests that fill out forms, Boozang can automatically generate this data. Boozang identifies the field label can automatically fill the input with data corresponding to the value of the field. There are a number of data types pre-defined, but you can also add your own custom data.


In Settings -> Content Policy you can find the predefined data attributes, and add your own custom ones as well. Each data attribute has the following fields


Field mapping: Specify keywords that should match the form label

Regex: Specify the pattern that the generated data must match

Example: Shows an example of the data generated


As an example, to emulate all the versions of a US zip code, you can add the following regexp “^\d{5}(?:[-\s]\d{4})?$” and for instance map it to the Field mapping “zip”. Now when auto-generating data, any forms that has the corresponding label will be auto-populated with data that complies to the regex.


This functionality in combination with data bind can be extremely powerful, as you can find errors that wouldn’t normally be found when testing manually.


Learn more about data generation in our documentation:

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