Automated waits

Automated waits

A big problem with several test-automation platforms is that tests that work on one platform might fail on another, or fail intermittently. This is often because of load times. When an element hasn’t been fully loaded in the DOM, the test automation tool will throw an Element Not Found exception or similar, and the test will give a false negative. This can be helped using using assertions or explicit waits, but this is time-consuming and requires discipline on the test author.

In Boozang we have built this into the tool. Boozang automatically waits for a pre-configured time and re-tries when it cannot find an element, making the test execution stable regardless of the performance of the target application. This means that a test recorded on a development environment will run equally stable on staging or production.

Moreover, it is also possible to increase delays or time-outs on a per-action basis. This allows you to handle exceptional cases, such as when a sleep must be induced to wait for a synchronization event.

Learn more about this in our extensive documentation:

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