How Boozang helps Developers

Better bug reports

No more unreadable bug reports. Simply click a link and the tool will click through the flow and highlight the bug.

Not another fancy tool

Built by developers, Boozang is built to never limit what can be done. Any JSON data is supported. Javascript can be injected.

Record that actually works

The best-in-class record functionality support file upload and drag-and-drop.

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No install

The bz.html fragment turns any browser into your test tool. As nothing is installed, all tests are shareable between team members across any browser.

Continous Integration

As nothing is installed, integration with a CI server is straightforward. The report is a simple call for a webpage.

Advanced Recording

Boozang has best in class recording and can record complex behaviors, including file upload and drag-and-drop.

Developer friendly

Below the user-friendly surface, developers have access to power user functionality. This includes loops, JSON data variables, conditional decision trees, Regexp matching and Javascript injection.

Bug Reports

Report and assign bugs directly in the tool. Bugs are reproduced with one click. As all bugs are links, it’s easy to integrate to any bug tracking tool.


Web sockets give you real-time information on your team. See all project events in the team news feed.

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