Intelligent data binding

Boozang supports intelligent separation of static and dynamic content. Often you want to be able to run the same tests with different form inputs, for example, different user credentials when running a login test. That way the login test can be re-used, and a unique tests does not have to be created for each set of user credentials. Here are some examples on how you can use the data-binding functionality in Boozang in different scenarios:


Bind data from forms using Boozang. Below we show how you can automatically capture form inputs into Boozang data on either test, module, or project level.


Binding data into forms using Boozang. Below we show how by starting with data, you can use this data as inputs when filling forms.


Bind data into forms using AI auto-binding. Here we show how, by starting with data, you can automatically fill a complete form with our auto data-bind feature.

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