Meet your testing demands, fast.

With reusable tests that are easily created and combined, Boozang will get you to full test coverage quickly.

Reduce Maintenance with AI

Boozang cuts maintenance time with incredibly stable, natural language tests. When a test breaks our AI will repair it in minutes.

Push More Features

Boozang runs from command-line and allows you to run tests on every code change. Gives instant feedback to developers without false alarms.

What our customers say

With Boozang we are saving weeks of testing for each project regression cycle. It also catches product issues earlier vs. manual testing, reducing overall deployment time getting product to market sooner

Amol Aridas QA Engineer, VacancyFiller

Before Boozang we used to spend hours of testing for each deploy. Now we can focus on user experience, not functional testing.

Mathieu Gagnon, CTO, PivoHub

At every release, we would be worried that our users would complain about broken features the next day. Now, we sleep better as we can ensure that both features and values are correct before pushing live!

Baptiste Guivarch, Product Owner, Beeye

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