Multiple Environments

Multiple environments


Often, it’s a good idea to be able to create a test in a development environment and then replay the same test across QA, Staging and Production environments. In many tools, this test needs to be copied and then the URL updated in the new test. This approach leads to maintenance problems, as every time the test is updated, many copies of the test needs to be updated as well, which is not ideal.


Boozang takes a different approach to this. In Settings -> Environment you can setup the entry URLs for each environment. You can then simply change the environment you are running on before you start a test run. This makes it very easy to author tests on development environment, such as localhost, and execute the test everywhere, without any extra maintenance.


Moreover, for each environment, Boozang supports a number of application interfaces. This means that multiple entry URLs can be used for each environment. This can be useful in many cases. One example could be a two-sided marketplace. Another good example is the E-commerce case, where content management is separate from the storefront interface.


Learn more about environment support in our documentation:

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