BDD / Cucumber support

Gherkin/Cucumber support

To support Business-driven development, we have built-in Gherkin support in Boozang. The idea is that a business analyst or product owner write the acceptance criteria for a feature using Gherkin syntax (Given, When, Then). For each feature, the might be several scenarios that describe the acceptance criteria of the scenario. For an exhaustive description of the Cucumber / Gherkin language seeĀ

A note on the data model

In Boozang, we separate the business domain and technical domain. In the technical domain, there are modules and tests, while in the business domain there are features and scenarios. That means that the Boozang data model works really well to handle this hierarchy. To tie the business domain to the technical domain, we use so-called Link tests, that maps the Gherkin syntax to a test and handles the parameter transfer.


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