Natural-language tests

Natural-language tests

The main difference with Boozang from other test tools is the introduction of a new type of element selectors. The selectors are based on natural language and only uses element attributes, such as “id” or “class” as fallback. This means that Boozang records the test just like a human would. A test in Boozang where the button “Create Project” is clicked simply records as “Click Create Project”. The advantage of this is that tests remain stable to changes “invisible” to the human eye, creating an automation approach mimicking manual testing.

The advantages of this is not only superior execution stability. Going away from XPath and CSS selectors allows us to classify functions at a deeper level, which allows us to generate a number of test scenarios without human interaction. We have also noticed a number of other upsides, like being able to do AI repair, and to match data to forms perfectly.

Learn more about our element selection policy in our documentation:


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