Often it’s useful to keep your whole team in the loop about the status of the project. One of the best ways of doing this is to setup email notifications with test reports. This can be done using the Boozang subscription feature.


The subscription feature can be found in the browser view under Setting -> Preferences, and allows a user to receive notifications on certain test runs. The notifications is set on a “per-environment” basis. This means a certain user can receive notifications for test run on the QA environment, but avoid notifications from, for instance, a local developer environment. A user can also choose to receive reports under certain conditions and at a certain level of detail. The different options are


  • All reports (baseline or detailed)
  • All successful test runs (baseline or detailed)
  • All failed test runs (baseline or detailed)


This means that a developer might get detailed reports when tests are being executed on all environments, while a tester will only receive notifications from QA, Staging or Production. It’s also possible to give baseline reports to manager or a product owner as soon as a test fails on QA, Staging or Production.

Learn more about notification in our documentation:

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