Top Features

  AI-driven testing

AI-driven testing
As a first step in our AI driven test approach we support auto-generated test descriptions on recorded actions, and masking of dynamic content to enable auto-validation of page content.

  Team-work built-in

Boozang runs on web sockets directly in the browser, enabling real-time team collaboration, including team news feed and chat. All team members are notified when tests are locked and released creating a seamless collaboration experience.

  Share and collaborate over environments – behind the company firewall

The project can be shared over localhost, staging and production. Developers can create tests on their localhost and make sure a feature is working, and push it to staging and production instantly. All tests are executed locally in the browser, so it works behind the company firewall.

  Play-back in demo mode

Doing customer demos can be error-prone and time-consuming. By slowing down your tests they can be re-used for demo purposes. Also great for test hand-over/knowledge transfer and auditing the work of your test team.

  Continuous Integration built-in

Boozang runs in headless browsers so all tests can be triggered by any batch job or a CI server for Continuous Integration. Moreover, users can subscribe to email notification with test reports directly in the tool.

  Plug test-case/Test logic trees

Build tests by combining smaller atomic tests driven-by validation logic. Create logic flows and drive decision and cleanup logic by recording scenarios and binding them together with test-case plugging.

  Play-back in debug mode

Correcting failed tests can be time-consuming. Boozang supports debug play where errors are intercepted and handled. Tests can be updated on the fly and test can proceed at any point.

  No install – run on any browser

Boozang is completely written in Javascript requires no installation on the client. It supports different web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, not IE).

  Seamless bug to regression

After bugs reported in the Boozang tool have been fixed, they can be seamlessly converted into regressions. This means once you catch a bug, it will never reappear.

  Integrate with bug tracking software

All tests and bugs become links on your site so integration with TR trackers becomes easy. Just click a link and the browser will replay the scenario.

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No install

The bz.html fragment turns any browser into your test tool. As nothing is installed, all tests are shareable between team members across any browser.

Continous Integration

As nothing is installed, integration with a CI server is straightforward. The report is a simple call for a webpage.

Advanced Recording

Boozang has best in class recording and can record complex behaviors, including file upload and drag-and-drop.

Developer friendly

Below the user-friendly surface, developers have access to power user functionality. This includes loops, JSON data variables, conditional decision trees, Regexp matching and Javascript injection.

Bug Reports

Report and assign bugs directly in the tool. Bugs are reproduced with one click. As all bugs are links, it’s easy to integrate to any bug tracking tool.


Web sockets give you real-time information on your team. See all project events in the team news feed.

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