Web Components support

Boozang now support record and playback on pages using web components. We have expanded our test engine to be able to capture custom HTML tags and capture events in the shadow DOM.

As our customers are starting to experiment introducing web components in their code, we decided to support test automation of web components early on. As there is still a lot of development happening in this field, this is still in experimental stage, but initial feedback from our customers indicate that it’s working well.

Web components plays an important part of the future of test automation. With standardized front-end UI components, we are going toward a world of better re-usability and standardization. This means greater productivity for developers, and also better opportunity for non-developers to incorporate advanced functionality into their websites.

Long-term, this means we will be able to provide turn-key automation code for a number of web components. In the case of Boozang, you will be able to create data-driven automation code that automates a single web component. This code can be re-used throughout your project, shared across multiple projects, and even shared in the web component community.

We are really excited to be part of this new evolution, and eager to see what the future has in store.

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