Data Handling

Go from simple record-replay tests to powerful data-driven tests.

Support for multiple data types

Data types

Boozang supports a variety of data types. From JSON and CSV for form data, arrays for lists, and JS to generate data using Javascript code.

External data

Fetch data on the fly from an external source, such as your application, versioning system, or even Dropbox.

Data types in Boozang Data types in Boozang
Regular expression data generator Regular expression data generator

Data generation

Reverse regexp data generators

Define regular expressions to generate data dynamically. Do exploratory testing by defining the data constraints and find problematic edge-cases for data inputs.

Data scopes

Boozang supports for data scopes: $parameter, $test, $module, and $project. Use data scopes to increase encapsulation.

Parameterize your test

Test parameters

Add parameters to your test to increase re-use. Parameters support any data type.

Override and merge

All parameters can be overwritten and merged. Define default data for your parameters, and override them when needed.

Parameter tab Parameter tab
Data debug tab Data debug tab

Debug / trouble-shoot

Debug data view

Switch to the debug data view and try running the test or a single action with different data. Very useful to evaluate complex validations.

Data context monitoring

Pin the debug data during test playback. See how data is changing during the test. Pause at any time, and edit current data context.

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Want to learn more about Boozang? Continue reading about our built-in support for Behaviour-driven development and data capabilities.

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