Feature Overview

Go from simple record-replay tests to powerful data-driven tests.

IDE-style web interface

Much more than a simple record-and-replay tool, Boozang provides IDE-style visual interface that allow you to create and maintain tests for complex projects.

Multiple tabs

Work on several tests at once using multiple tabs, just like any desktop IDE.

Branching and merging

Boozang supports branching and merging. Align your tests to the ways of working of the development team.

IDE-style interface IDE-style interface

Incredibly stable tests

Automated waits
Boozang support configuring both waits and  time-out, and re-tries when it cannot find an element, making the test execution stable.
Natural-language tests

Using selectors based on natural language, tests are robust to code changes and changes to classes and ids.

AI Repair
If an element isn’t found, you can re-select the element for instant test repair.


Module support
Just like your code, tests are broken into modules, which keeps your test organized and encourages good testing practices.
Graphic maps
Graphical relationship maps shows how tests are connected to each other. Great for re-factoring and documentation.

Map view Map view
Screenshot feature Screenshot feature

Great features

API testing

Generate data-driven API tests from your UI tests, and mix API and UI tests.

Screenshot feature

Boozang automatically captures screenshots, and produces before and after comparisons when validation (assertions) fail, even when running from CI.

Data-driven BDD with Cucumber

Best-in-class data handling

Boozang is dedicated of providing best data handling available. So much so we dedicated a complete section to it.

Cucumber support

Boozang support built-in support for Behavior-driven development (BDD).  Read more here.

Cucumber support built-in Cucumber support built-in

Learn more about Boozang

Want to learn more about Boozang? Continue reading about our built-in support for Behaviour-driven development and data capabilities.

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