Codeless testing that works

Empower your whole team to build and maintain automated tests, not just developers.

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Create automated tests in minutes

Meet your testing demands fast. Get full test coverage in days, not months.


Cuts test maintenance with 95 %

Our natural-language tests are extremely stable to code changes. When tests break our AI will repair it in minutes.


Your way to CI

Go Agile/DevOps by setting up Continuous Testing. Push features into production the same day.

Why use Boozang?

Automate all module operations and build upstream tests based on business requirements. All tests are recorded in natural language and run stable independent of coding details, making tests completely agnostic to underlying technology.

  • User-friendly interface

    The tool runs in the browser alongside your application. browser. No coding required.

  • Repair broken tests

    As your code changes tests can still break. Our repair function uses AI to fix them instantly.

  • Cucumber support

    Built-in support for BDD. Write Gherkin tests directly in our interface, our import them from XRay / Jira.

  • CI support built-in

    Boozang runs from command-line and has built-in CI support. Our Docker test runner makes integration painless.

Integrate to your existing tools

With Boozang we are saving weeks of testing for each project regression cycle. It also catches product issues earlier vs. manual testing, reducing overall deployment time getting product to market sooner

Amol Aridas QA Engineer, VacancyFiller

Before Boozang we used to spend hours of testing for each deploy. Now we can focus on user experience, not functional testing.

Mathieu Gagnon, CTO, PivoHub

At every release, we would be worried that our users would complain about broken features the next day. Now, we sleep better as we can ensure that both features and values are correct before pushing live!

Baptiste Guivarch, Product Owner, Beeye

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