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Turn your browser into a user-friendly, enterprise-grade testing tool. No coding required.

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Create automatic tests quickly.
Inject code where needed.

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Test automation without coding.
Record bugs reproduced by one click.

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Comprehensive team status.
Create functional customer demos.

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Business Owners

Cut testing costs, improve quality.
New features instead of testing.

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Works on localhost.

All actions are driven from the browser, not from the Cloud. Boozang works equally well on a public site, behind you company firewall or testing on your localhost. Your project team is connected by web-sockets, meaning you can even share tests between development environments and production.

Full-featured toolset.

The main tool gives you access to developer functionality. Here you can loop over tests, link tests together, make decision trees based out assertion outcomes, and even inject Javascript.

Easy-to-use toolbar.

The toolbar on your site gives you easy access to the main functionality of the tool. Record and playback tests, make simple assertions, fill forms, and highlight bugs in the browser.

Runs on all platforms.

Boozang runs in any browser and works with any web technology. An HTML fragment turns your browser into a test tool, making all tests shareable within the team, like any URL on your site.

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Sign-up for free. The free tier will give you access to one project and maximum 10 000 actions executed per month.

2. Create Project

Create your first project, giving you access to our API. Activate testing by downloading the bz.html fragment to your site, or use the Chrome plugin.

3. Start Testing

Create automated regression tests for your site and highlight bugs. Each test is shareable via URLs and bugs can be reproduced by a click of a button.

No install

The bz.html fragment turns any browser into your test tool. As nothing is installed, all tests are shareable between team members across any browser.

Continous Integration

As nothing is installed, integration with a CI server is straightforward. The report is a simple call for a webpage.

Advanced Recording

Boozang has best in class recording and can record complex behaviors, including file upload and drag-and-drop.

Developer friendly

Below the user-friendly surface, developers have access to power user functionality. This includes loops, JSON data variables, conditional decision trees, Regexp matching and Javascript injection.

Bug Reports

Report and assign bugs directly in the tool. Bugs are reproduced with one click. As all bugs are links, it’s easy to integrate to any bug tracking tool.


Web sockets give you real-time information on your team. See all project events in the team news feed.

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