Codeless testing that works

Empower your whole team to build and maintain automated tests, not just developers.


Create automated tests in minutes

Meet your testing demands fast. Get full test coverage in days, not months.


Cuts test maintenance with 95 %

Our natural-language tests are extremely stable to code changes. Broken tests are repaired it in minutes.


Your way to CI

Go Agile/DevOps by setting up Continuous Testing. Push features in production the same day.

Test automation tools for both developers and non-developers

Boozang tests your application flows end-to-end. We take a modern approach to test automation, using the built-in test capabilities of the web browser instead of relying on APIs such as Selenium. It’s part of the code-less revolution, but we prefer the term low-code, or code optional, as you can incorporate code when needed.

How Boozang works

Let Boozang do the test automation, but keep your existing tools in place.

1. Outline tests

Synchronize features files

Synchronize Cucumber features files from your favorite versioning system. Developers can build on this by adding Javascript code to unlock advanced functionality. Link the Cucumber test steps to the test code, and produce comprehensive test maps.

2. Implement

Create Test Steps

Create highly re-usable test steps using our low-code tool. Engage the whole team: Testers can do most of the work using record-replay and our powerful element selectors powered by AI. Developers can build on this by adding Javascript code to unlock advanced functionality.

3. Run tests

Integrate to CI server

Use your favourite CI server to run your tests. Boozang builds it’s Open source test runner on Puppeteer and Playwright, so this can be modified to your needs. Boozang produces Cucumber reports, which can be displayed in any CI server.

4. Analyse tests

Analyze root causes and improve

Use our root cause analysis report to find bugs and bottlenecks, and improve team output. Map bugs to your external bug tracking system, and avoid false negatives by classify bugs as automation or application bugs. Increase your feature coverage.

Integrate to your existing tools

You can easily integrate your work with Boozang with the favourite tools you already use.

This is what our customers say

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With Boozang we are saving weeks of testing for each project regression cycle. It also catches product issues earlier vs. manual testing, reducing overall deployment time getting product to market sooner.

Amol Aridas QA Engineer, VacancyFiller

Before Boozang we used to spend hours of testing for each deploy. Now we can focus on user experience, not functional testing.

Nicolas Degardin, CTO, PivoHub

At every release, we would be worried that our users would complain about broken features the next day. Now, we sleep better as we can ensure that both features and values are correct before pushing live!

Baptiste Guivarch, Product Owner, Beeye

Interactive learning

Start learning Boozang by following our interactive videos on top of "The Lab," our custom-made application guiding you through common automation challenges in a playful way.

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Boozang from the trenches

Check out the first book on Boozang and how it’s used in a real-life project. The book is the brainchild of Gianni Pucciani, who is currently using Boozang in a large-scale test automation project at Touring Club Suisse.

User Forum

Read and post questions. Get technical how-to advice and see all the release notes. Also, get battle-tested code examples for various CI servers.

Our Blog

Learn about the latest features, best practices, and our roadmap.

Open Source

Our test runners and report generators are all open source. Find these on GitHub!


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