How a SaaS company automated testing with Boozang


How a SaaS company automated testing with Boozang

Boozang was implemented at Beeye, a Montreal-based Software-as-a-Service company. They created a team planning tool to better plan your activities, assign your employees, track worked time, and assess your profitability.


As their customer base and application complexity had grown they were looking to

  • Reduce manual regression testing
  • Push features faster to the live environment
  • Establish a continuous integration pipeline

The team decided to automate their product testing flows and selected Boozang as it combined advanced data handling with an easy-to-use interface, making automation of usage flows simple and fast.

Highlights from the Boozang implementation


When pushing new functionality or bug fixes this could lead to side-effects breaking existing features. Having the most important application flows automated gives peace of mind that critical customer functionality is working as it should.


With their team freed up from repetitive robot-like testing they can focus on more qualitative activities, such as usability testing.


Automating tests on top the application code makes the application architecture visible, and keeping testability in mind enforces a modular approach to the code. It allows the team to find code that needs to be refactored and also helps us create better data forms.


For Baptiste Guivarch, Product Owner at Beeye, Boozang offered peace of mind:

At every release, we would be worried that our users would complain about broken features the next day. Now, we sleep better as we can ensure that both features and values are correct before pushing live!

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