How Accrosoft Improved Their QA process with Boozang


How Accrosoft Improved Their QA process with Boozang

Boozang was implemented at Accrosoft, an award-winning, cutting-edge, technology company based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, and boasts leading technology products: Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software and Weduc.


As their customer base and application complexity had grown they were looking to

  • Reduce time spent on manual regression testing
  • Ensure comprehensive testing coverage
  • Create large data sets automatically that are impractical to generate manually.

Accrosoft’s QA team decided to automate their product testing flows and selected Boozang for its combination of advanced data handling with an easy-to-use interface, making automation of usage flows straight-forward, fast and efficient.

The ability to create reusable test suites, cases, and components meant that exceptional test coverage could be achieved.

Boozang in numbers

Below table gives an overview of the time spent on regression tests for each product, before and after the introduction of Boozang. As we could apply a solid automation strategy from the start on the Weduc product, we were able to automate all tests including edge-case scenarios.

Product Percent Automated Average Regression before Boozang Average Regression testing with Boozang
Vacancy Filler* 90% Minimum 1 day 3 hours
Weduc 90% Minimum 1 day 2 hours

*Not all tasks can be automated in this platform due to the complexity of some features and requires 50% manual testing e.g. uploading files, check elmah errors.

Highlights from the Boozang implementation


Compared to the last year, we have eliminated the majority of the interface issues we used to find on modals and page layouts. Boozang helps us find the interface issues at the early stages of software development.


The time to perform regression tests has been reduced significantly compared to the last year. This enables the QA team to focus more on the functionality of the core components available in the software. Running multiple scripts that take through various scenarios in a short period of time has been very advantageous.


As well as testing existing and new features for software releases we have tests that check over 100 live smart feed websites in less than 15 minutes.

The QA team run the tests each release to ensure customers get the best experience without any errors. Without Boozang, checking all the smart feed websites would be a very time-consuming task.


For Amol Aridas, QA Lead Engineer for Accrosoft, Boozang was a huge time-saver:

With Boozang we are saving weeks of testing for each project regression cycle. It also highlights product issues earlier vs. manual testing, reducing overall deployment time getting product to market sooner.

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