Docker container for CI integration


Docker container for CI integration

After authoring your tests, it’s often desirable to have them run automatically on every code commit. This is usually done with a Continuous Integration server, such as Jenkins or Circle CI.

In order to make Boozang run from command-line in a headless browser, we created an npm package based on Google Puppeteer. This allowed for simple CI integration. Having an npm package dependency still forced the CI environment to install NodeJS and the puppeteer package, something that isn’t always desirable.

That why our friends at PivoHub ( created a Docker container that has all these dependencies installed. That package can be found here: docker-boozang

In order to run a test from CI or command-line, it’s now simpler than ever. Simply create a test using the Boozang user interface, note down the test URL, and run

docker run --rm --shm-size 1G degardinn/boozang [testur]

which usually looks something like

docker run --rm --shm-size 1G degardinn/boozang https://[hostname]/bz.html#[projectid]/[version]/[moduleid]/[testid]

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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