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Getting started
Learning resources

This video gives an overview where a user can find learning material on Boozang, such as video pages, forum, blog, Udemy, Boozang youtube channel, and in-tool video helper.

Getting started
Signing up & creating your first test

This video shows how you sign-up to Boozang, create your first project, and launch the IDE. In the IDE, you set the application URL, and create your first module and test.

Getting started
The sidebar

This video introduced the Boozang side-bar and the purpose of the different views.

Getting started
Introduction to data

This video introduces the data tab in Boozang, explains the differences between the different data scopes $test, $module, and $project. It also goes over the supported data types in Boozang.

Getting started
Debugging a test-case

This video show how you can debug a test case in Boozang. We show how you can run a single test action with custom data, use the console, use break-points, and how to trigger Chrome built-in debugging functions.

Getting started
Elements selectors

This video shows how you can customize the element selector for an action, using the DOM picker. It also introduces the different element selector methods, and shows how you can automatically generate the best selection policy.

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