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Feature Release 6.12

The main updates in this release are navigation-related. The bookmark bar has been expanded to also show history, and the tab history is now separated. There was also a few bug-fixes related to the API spinner, some auto-complete issues, and go to ref test case.

Feature Release 6.11

This video introduces release 6.11. The main updates in this release are accessibility to documentation and videos. It also introduces the new CSV editor, and the monitor URL function.

Feature Release 6.10

Boozang Feature Release 6.10 contains a number of UI/UX improvements, and contains new functionality for API testing. It also introduces API load testing action. We'll take a look at how at the UI updates and API features.

Feature release 6.9

This video gives an overview of the UI improvements done in Feature Release 6.9.0, including simplifications of Module and Test dialogs, the test URL bar, and the new layout of action sub-tabs.

Feature Release 6.8

This video gives an overview of the bug-fixes and new features in Feature Release 6.8.

Feature Release 6.7

This videos gives a brief summary of the new features and bug fixes in 6.7.

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