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Auto-generate documentation based on relationship maps

Based on the new feature "relationship" maps, we realized we can auto-generate the whole test documentation for you. Now, in the main view, in the kebab menu (...), you have the option 'output relationship maps"

The will scan all features and scenarios and output it in HTML, PDF, or MarkDown, making it easy to insert on platforms such as Notion or Jira/Confluence, or your versioning system of choice.

As you can see, it will also output module and test id:s, tags, and description/comment fields.

We think this will be great for improved hand-over and knowledge transfer, and also to make visible the work of the test team. We also hope it will improve collaboration between developers and testers/business analysts.

Let us know your thoughts!


I believe in an auto-generated doc, but also somehow in the map, you could try to highlight how data is passed from one test to the other.

Data management is a key part of a boozang setup, and different strategy can exists, therefore I believe it deserves a spot in here. 

ljunggren has reacted to this post.

Yes, we are working on adding it to the map, but not sure if it's too much info for the document.

We will update the map first to allow you too see data being passed between test cases + test case info, such as parameters. There should be an update on this shortly!

We just added the information you suggested on the test map in tonight's release. When a test is selected, you can see upstream and downstream tests, including data. Let us know if this works better for you!

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