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Azure DevOps Integration


Since the 5.x release you are able to integrate to Azure DevOps to synchronize your Cucumber features. 

Go to Settings > Integration > Load features from VCS 

and enter the credentials. Use the "Check" button to verify the integration point. 

To synchronize the features, go to 

Project root > Features 

and click the kebab menu (...) and choose "Import Feature". The features will be downloaded from you versioning system. 



I'm also required to enter "MATCH-CURRENT-BZ-BRANCH"

Where can I find this information?

This is the current branch of the Boozang project (default is "master") if you haven't created any branches. You will be able to also change this when synchronizing.

Sample post to test notifications settings. 

Trying one more sample post to verify notifications are working. 

When I click "Check", nothing happens.

Does it mean that the url is wrong?

Yes. That probably means the URL is wrong. We will improve it so you will see an error message here.

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