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Feature Release 5.4.18 successfully deployed

Patch: 5.4.19

Deployment time: 10:15 PM EST, 28th June 2020


  • Deprecated: Link tests type removed
  • New feature: Auto-mapping of plug-test parameters
  • New feature: Generate Cucumber tests ground-up
  • New feature: Sentence syntax for building Cucumber tests
  • New feature: Parameter support for API post body
  • New feature: Show validation outcome for script
  • New feature: Support edit data, console and debug data on project and module level
  • New feature: Add test-case description
  • Bug fix: Merge version issue
  • Bug fix: Cache data issue for API test
  • Bug fix: Download feature not working
  • Bug fix: Sub-module page rendering issue
  • Bug fix: Api test missing from plug test-case

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