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Feature Release 5.5.2 successfully deployed

Patch: 5.5.2

Deployment time: 10:00 PM EST, 15th July 2020


  • New feature: Use Google API for screenshot to remove limitation
  • New feature: Handling of line-breaks in CSV cells
  • New feature: Add environment info on reports
  • New feature: Add stopped status
  • New feature: Improved AI authorization
  • Bug fix: Action index in CI runs now same as IDE UI
  • Bug fix: Don't retry on miss element error issue
  • Bug fix: Element path issue
  • UI improvement: Improved /iframe screenshots
  • UI improvement: Improved project change log:
  • Improvement: Docker width and height sets both viewport and window
  • Improvement: Gracefully stop when test runner timeouts

Expected impact on existing tests: None

Status of Boozang regression: Passed


  • In order for screenshot functionality to work perfect in IDE mode, new extension need to be installed
  • Run "docker pull styrman/boozang-runner" to update CI with new extension
  • Reload browser to load patch

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