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Feature Release 6.12.5 successfully deployed

Patch: 6.12.5

Deployment time: 10:50 PM EST, 15th November 2021

Youtube: Learn about these features in this video


  • New feature: History is saved for each tab
  • New feature: Show history in bookmark menu
  • New feature: Added $util function jsonToXML()
  • New feature: Added $util function takeScreenshot()
  • New feature: Added $util function attachScreenshotToReport()
  • New feature: Cucumber screenshot expander
  • New feature: Cucumber evidence screenshots
  • Improvement: Better handling for customized inputs
  • Bug fix: Forever spinner on certain invalid API request
  • Bug fix: Element screenshot issue
  • Bug fix: Minor auto-complete issue inside {{}}
  • Bug fix: Manually creating a scenario can get error

Expected impact on existing tests: None

Status of Boozang regression: Passed

Installation: Reload browser to load the patch

Rollback: Find rollback instructions here

Forum: Find these release notes here

Latest available versions: 

  • Chrome extension to 3.7.30
  • Docker boozang-runner to 2.0.46

Learn more: Check out the Boozang youtube channel and the forum

Notes: ### We added a youtube feature video here ###

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