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Maintenance Release 5.4.44 successfully deployed

Patch: 5.4.44

Deployment time: 06:15 PM EST, 12th July 2020


  • Change: Changed default behaviour to stop test execution when action fails 
  • New feature: Set environment from URL
  • New feature: Expand test list to show custom exit conditions
  • New feature: Team project change log
  • New feature: Implement support insert data on json key
  • New feature: Add $util.resetData function
  • UI improvement: Remove un-necessary change protocol popup
  • UI improvement: Update api edit button
  • UI improvement: Added $loop data context to data dropdown
  • UI improvement: Add environment id to env view
  • Bug fix: Remove popup for missing loop data

Additional reading:

Expand test list to show custom exit conditions

Set environment from URL

Note: This release requires data migration which be triggered automatically when opening project

Expected impact on existing tests: None

Status of Boozang regression: Passed

Note: Reload browser to load patch

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