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Maintenance Release 5.6.6 successfully deployed

Patch: 5.6.6

Deployment time: 10:00 PM EST, 2nd August 2020


  • New feature: Add onAutoFocus option in Preferences
  • New feature: Improved token session handling
  • New feature: Added Canvas testing
  • New feature: Support GoJS testing
  • UI improvement: Add merge short cut (Ctrl + M)
  • UI improvement: Add shortcut Ctrl + I for import feature
  • Bug fix: Fixed vcs setting issue
  • Bug fix: Delete test spill-over to different branch

Expected impact on existing tests: None

Status of Boozang regression: Passed

Note: Reload browser to load patch

Hi Mats,

It would be nice to have  a few lines, especially about the new features.

And great for the shortcut, can we have a list of all of them somewhere?

Thank you!

Hi Gianni,

Great! Here are a few lines about the new features. 

  • Add onAutoFocus option in Preferences: Allows you to turn off the re-focus in the browser. Allows you to keep working when running tests, but could impact some tests so it's disabled in Settings -> Preferences by default.
  • Improved token session handling: When accessing tokenized URL in browser, running with "read-only permissions" is shown. This way you get reminded if you have degraded permissions.
  • Canvas testing: Support testing on top of JS canvas. Blog post coming.
  • Support GoJS testing: Support testing of GoJS ( Stay tuned for upcoming post.

Best Regards,


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