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Feature Release 6.0.15 successfully deployed

Patch: 6.0.12

Deployment time: 10:45 PM EST, 2nd May 2021


  • New feature: Execution log on play test
  • Bug fix: Insert action issue
  • Bug fix: Insert validation action issue
  • Bug fix: Tests can break when action causes app window to close
  • Bug fix: Element path policy update
  • UI improvement: Rendering problem in timer popup
  • UI improvement: Element defintion
  • UI improvement: Default tab selection when selecting in action list
  • Bug fix: Model ui tmp play issue* 
  • Bug fix: Dependency issue on automated form fill*
  • Bug fix: Aborted test can lead to execution failure*

* Only affects AI/Model-based tests

Expected impact on existing tests: None

Status of regression tests: Passed

Installation: Reload browser to load the patch

Rollback: Find rollback instructions here

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