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Release 5.0.x scheduled for 14th May 11 PM EST

We are planning to release our 5.0.x release tonight!

Here are an overview of the changes and rationale for the changes:
  • Cleaner interface: Decrease cognitive overload
  • Removed side-tabs and introduce better click path (Jenkins-style): Speed up navigation and make it less confusing
  • Auto-save: Eliminate the need to “go back and save"
  • Data change: Access data on any level ($project, $module, $test) directly from test
  • IDE-style-tabs: Access advanced functionality in one click and expose all Boozang functionality for increased adoption
  • Console and data debug as tabs: Improve the ability to debug tests easily without window-on-window nuisance
  • Expand element and other detailed views: Allow for clearer action details view with more space
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Deployment delayed one more day. As it's a big release, we will deploy it during the week-end to minimize user impact. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Patch: 5.0.57

Deployment time: 10:20 PM EST, 17th May 2020


  • Bug fix: Issue where first action is skipped on playback
  • UI improvement: Cleaner interface.
  • UI improvement: Removed side-tabs and introduce better click path (Jenkins-style).
  • UI improvement: Access data on any level ($project, $module, $test) directly from test
  • UI improvement: IDE-style-tabs.
  • UI improvement: Console and data debug as tabs
  • UI improvement: Slimmer card layout
  • New feature: Undo / Redo unlimited
  • New feature: Named revision
  • New feature: Auto-save.
  • New feature: Action audit
  • New feature: Action and group data loops
  • Deprecated: Restore test-case history (old)

Find additional info on new features in Forum -> New features:

Audit actions

Action / Group data loops


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