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IDE-style tabs

Boozang Generation 5 launched

We have just launched our 5.x version of Boozang. We completely re-made the user interface, where we took inspiration from desktop IDEs, such as Visual Studio code. Our aim was to draw a good balance between being easy-to-use while giving our power-users access to all important functions within the click of a button.


How Accrosoft Improved Their Quality Assurance process with Boozang

Boozang was implemented at Accrosoft, an award-winning, cutting-edge, technology company based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, and boasts leading technology products: Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software and Weduc.


How a SaaS company improved their quality assurance process with Boozang

Boozang was implemented at Beeye, a Montreal-based Software-as-a-Service company. They created a team planning tool to better plan your activities, assign your employees, track worked time, and assess your profitability.


Docker container for CI integration

After authoring your tests, it’s often desirable to have them run automatically on every code commit. This is usually done with a Continuous Integration server, such as Jenkins or Circle CI.


New Udemy course content

Over 4500 students has completed the course “Learn Test Automation with Boozang”, a short course that gives an introduction to test automation and the Boozang test tool, by doing short exercises on top of a simple E-commerce application.

Tagged modules in Boozang
New Features

Module Support

  Boozang takes an object-oriented approach to testing. Just like your application can be divided into modules and sub-modules, so can your tests.

New Features

Load data from external sources

Complementing Boozang’s excellent data handling capabilities is now the ability to use data from external sources.

New Features

Run from CLI

In order to facilitate CI server integration and being able to run tests from command line we have built a client-side test runner based on the excellent Google Puppeteer.

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