Learn Test Automation with Udemy and Boozang

We’ve just completed our first Udemy course: “Learn Test Automation with Boozang”. It’s an interactive course using a simple E-Commerce website to create automatic tests for navigation, shopping cart, and checkout flows. It goes through the record and playback modes, creating simple validations, simple decision tree logic, and data-driven development. Best of all, it only takes about one hour to complete. Check it out here

Generate reports with Headless Google Chrome and Puppeteer

We will use Puppeteer to create a very simple application, that launches a Chrome headless browser session from the command line, reads an HTML report from the console, and closes the browser. This example is useful as many automation frameworks will output “All tests completed! after a successful test run, so we use this a as trigger command to close the browser. (more…)

Unsupervised testing using Boozang and Puppeteer

In this blog post, we will use Chome Puppeteer together with Boozang to run tests from the command line, and automatically trigger email notifications. Email notifications are supported in Boozang out of the box, so we can easily monitor a live system by driving regression test suite from a simple bash script, for instance by a cronjob or CI server. (more…)

Likha Solutions professional services partner

We are proud to announce a new professional services partner for Boozang, Likha Solutions.
Likha solutions provides an end-to-end assessment of your test processes and can help you in your transition to modern software engineering approaches, such as Continuous Integration and DevOps.

Video helper is here!

Our mission has been loud and clear since the beginning: make testing easy for all! That’s why this week we’re extra happy that we finally have a step-by-step video guide built right into Boozang. Just click on the Question Mark button and select Video Helper – and voila! Here are some of the topics you can find under the video helper: Settings, for example: “Set default application root URL” (more…)

Boozang launch

We’re happy to announce that Boozang is launching today at 3PM! Come meet us at @d3centre for some cake. If you can’t make it, be sure to visit our brand new homepage and check out the new user-friendly tool interface.

Jenkins Integration using Headless browser

Sometimes it’s really useful to be able to run tests without supervision. There are many situations where this comes in handy, and the typical case is in a continuous integration or continuous delivery pipeline. For user interface testing this can be especially difficult, as it relies on Javascript being executed in the browser. As the pipeline usually relies on Cloud servers without screens, this requires a headless browser, such as PhantomJS. As PhantomJS has been covered in many articles, I will show how this can be done using the npm package npm-headless-chromium (Chromium browser and Xvfb), which can be found here. The example focuses on how to do this using the build server Jenkins and Boozang test service, but it should be easily generalized to other CI servers and test tools. (more…)

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