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API testing with Boozang and JSON server

We are really excited to announce that Boozang now provides unlimited API testing for FREE so I’m reposting some relevant blog posts. In this exercise, we use the NPM package JSON-server to emulate a REST API locally. We then use Boozang to create a data-driven API test consisting of create-operations and edit-operations, along with validations. I based this post on the blog post from Sebastien Eschweiler: It’s a great […]

Tips & Tricks, New Features

A new API testing view in Boozang

We are really excited to announce that Boozang now provides unlimited API testing for FREE so I’m reposting some relevant blog posts. By introducing a new set of API testing features in Boozang, we provide a single browser-based solution for both API and UI tests, allowing for a unified testing process based on Cucumber / BDD, fully integrated to JIRA / XRay.

Tips & Tricks, New Features

Under the hood: Call flows

It can be helpful to look at the application’s call flows to understand the inner workings. For a casual user, this is, of course, not necessary. Nevertheless, I created this blog post for users who wants to know what goes on “under the hood” of Boozang. 

Tips & Tricks, New Features

Element Selectors

Having a good element selection policy is key to good test automation. Why is this so hard? We believe it doesn’t have to be.

Tips & Tricks, New Features

Getting more out of Cucumber logs

Using Cucumber to do Behaviour driven development (BDD) is great but sometimes a single bug can have impacts on several tests. This article tries to address this.

Tips & Tricks, New Features

Logic and Loops using groups

This post explains the changes we made on groups to simplify handling logic and loops. We introduce group types that guide the user when solving more advanced test automation challenges. 

Tips & Tricks

Under the hood: Architecture

In this series of blog posts, we will take a closer look at the Boozang technology. We will start with the architecture that explains how Boozang is built and how it interacts with the web browser.

Tips & Tricks, New Features

Distributed testing, part 2

In this article, we continue discussing distributed testing and take a closer look at scopes and groups. We also introduce multi-agent testing, which is an example of using test scopes.

Tips & Tricks, New Features

Enterprise Boozang: Team support and access policy

In this article we do a deep-dive on Team work support in Boozang. We talk about why web-based solutions are ideal for team collaboration, and discuss best-practices around access policy.

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