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Getting more out of Cucumber logs

Using Cucumber to do Behaviour driven development (BDD) is great but sometimes a single bug can have impacts on several tests. This article tries to address this.

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New feature: Code Editor

We are super excited to introduce an enhanced code editor. This means it will be easier to find mistakes in Javascript, and easier to troubleshoot problems.

Tips & Tricks, New Features

Logic and Loops using groups

This post explains the changes we made on groups to simplify handling logic and loops. We introduce group types that guide the user when solving more advanced test automation challenges. 

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Distributed testing, part 2

In this article, we continue discussing distributed testing and take a closer look at scopes and groups. We also introduce multi-agent testing, which is an example of using test scopes.

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Distributed testing, part 1

Introduction We are working on a series of improvements to our platform. These consists of Improving support for parallel test runs Better job distribution Support for multi-agent tests Test handoff Improving parallelism stems from the need to shorten execution times. In end-to-end tests, execution times are often very long. In a tool where test creation is fast (such as Boozang), long execution times dictate the upper limit of test coverage. […]

New Features

New feature: Canvas testing & GoJS

Create tests on top of graphical elements in your application using canvas testing. Unlike other methods, Boozang allows us to record clicks and do validations inside the canvas, just like we do on elements in the DOM tree.

Tips & Tricks, New Features

Enterprise Boozang: Team support and access policy

In this article we do a deep-dive on Team work support in Boozang. We talk about why web-based solutions are ideal for team collaboration, and discuss best-practices around access policy.

Tips & Tricks, New Features

Enterprise Boozang: Working with GitHub

This article explains how to use GitHub as a repository for Cucumber feature files, and how to synchronize these with Boozang.

Tips & Tricks, New Features

Enterprise Boozang: Branching and merging

This article explains how to use branch and merge functionality in Boozang, and how to align your test automation work in a software project running on several branches at once.

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